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     Tankhead is no longer operating in Shreveport. 

    Please visit our Colorado gyms for more info

  • Muay Thai


    Our Muay Thai classes focus on the full range of techniques: strikes, kicks, knees, elbows, and clinching. We hit pads, bags, and occasionally each other. It's one of the best cardio workouts out there and guarantees weight loss like no other.


    Train for fitness, fighting, or fun. We welcome all levels in our classes.

    MMA / Fight Training


    From cage fights to self-defense, our MMA classes are for anyone looking for realistic fight training. We teach a mix of Muay Thai, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and even more for a true mixed martial arts experience.


    Come for the technique, stay for challenge.




    The original HIIT workout, our boxing classes take hard core technical training and break it down for maximum skills and fitness.

    Nothing burns more than multiple rounds of punching like a boss.


    We train professional and amateur fighters alike but we making boxing fun for everyone.


    Cardio Fitness


    Our Fitness Muay Thai has the same level of skill and technique as all of our classes -- except we tailor it more for those more interested in getting an awesome workout than stepping in the ring.


    Not sure if Muay Thai is for you? Try this class and we'll convince you that Muay Thai is for everyone.


    Replace your daily grind with a blast of Muay Thai.


    Tankhead Kids

    Our kids classes are twice a week and cover the essentials for kids ages 8 to 14. They learn a mix of Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA.


    Our kids classes boost confidence and help kids learn skills that will follow them off the mats and through life.

  • Schedule & Prices

    Never tried before? Don't panic. Beginners are welcome in all of our classes.


    Want to try a class first? Drop ins are $25. But if you drop in for a class and decide to sign up afterwards, we'll deduct the $25 from your first month's fee.


    UPDATE: If you are fully vaccinated and can show your vaccine card, you will be allowed to train without a mask. Those that are not vaccinated yet will still be required to wear masks at this time.


    If you are interested in having private sessions rather than group sessions, see Personal Training info below.


    Click the image of the schedule to view a text-only version.

    Daily schedule for Tankhead Shreveport.


    $150 -- per month for Unlimited Classes


    $100 -- per month for Kids (8 to 18 yrs only)


    $120 -- per month for any 2 Classes a week


    $25 -- Drop-in fee for a single class. (If it's your first class, the $25 will be deducted from your monthly fee if you sign up for a month afterwards.)


    $35 --- One-time Registration Fee.


    We offer discounts only for family (couples or parents plus kids), students, and active military.

    Please contact us below for specific rates.

  • Personal Training & Nutrition

    We also offer one-on-one sessions with our trainers. These private lessons can include cardio, strength training, technique corrections, and nutrition advice. The personal training routine depends solely on client needs and can be tailored to each person's goals. We also offer small group private sessions as well.


    Pricing ranges from $65 - $90 a session depending on how many are purchased at once. These sessions can be paid for one at a time or in bulk (discounts are applied when purchasing multiple training sessions at once.)


    Prices are as follows:

    1 Personal Training Session = $90 per session

    1x a week Personal Training (plus 1 bonus session) = $350 per month

    2x a week Personal Training (plus 2 bonus sessions) = $625 per month

  • We also offer nutrition counseling as an add-on package to any of our gym memberships or personal training sessions. The monthly cost is an extra $50 for the nutrition package.


    Our style of counseling is not based on fad-diets but instead focuses on each individual's body type and lifestyle in order to come up with nutrition habits that can help you achieve your personal goals. If you're looking for weight loss, for healthier food habits, or for a cleaner lifestyle - we can help.


    Our package can include:

    - body and lifestyle-specific nutrition counseling

    - daily and weekly goals with our trainers holding you accountable

    - text message reminders / encouragement to keep you on track

    - meal ideas / planning and shopping assistance

    - counseling that is personalized and specific to your needs


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